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Hardened Hearts

The Lord was angry and grieved because of the Pharisees hardened hearts.

Even today, the Lord gets angry and grieves because of people’s hardened hearts.

What does a hardened heart look like?

The Bible reveals in Mark 3:1-6 three characteristics of people with hardened hearts.


This passage of Scripture reveals to us three characteristics of a hardened heart.

First characteristic is that they watch Jesus so that they can accuse him. To accuse him means that they want to bring charges against him for breaking the Sabbath. But remember Jesus is lord of the Sabbath. That is he has the power and authority to say what is acceptable and what is not. 


The second characteristic of a hardened heart is revealed when people refuse to respond to the Lord. They know that the Lord is speaking to them. The word of God even today speaks to people’s heart, to the condition of their heart and they continue to rebel against the Lord. They give the Lord Jesus the silent treatment. The only problem with giving the Lord Jesus the silent treatment is that it leads to him becoming righteously angry with a person. In fact when people know the will of God and refuse to obey him, he just turns them over to their sin. They become happy and miserable committing sin and encourage others to do the same. Romans chapters 1-3 reveals how we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. If people do not repent of their sin the Lord just turns you over to it and you will have to stand and give an account to him for your unbelieving heart that has led to your sinful actions not only against him but also others as well.


The third characteristic of a hardened heart is that they conspire with other believers to rebel against the Lord. Here they go out to the Herodians and conspire to kill the Lord Jesus. The Lord speaks through Psalms 2 concerning this. 


A hardened heart takes place when someone refuses to listen and obey the message and word of God. When this happens in a person’s life sin’s grip on that person’s heart gets stronger. The heart becomes calloused through stubbornness and a refusal to repent. For example the LORD  told Moses that he would harden Pharaoh’s heart and that Pharaoh would harden his own heart. The LORD did this to accomplish his purposes in freeing Israel but also bringing him much glory. Although Pharaoh saw. the miracles of God, knew that it was the Lord God of Israel bringing about all of the plagues that was defeating the gods of Egypt, he still refused to believe. Pharaoh’s hardened heart is mentioned over twenty times in the Bible giving us a warning about hardening our hearts. Israel even after they were freed from slavery in Egypt by the Lord, they saw his miracles, they to had an unbelieving heart that caused them to hardened their own heart. The author of Hebrews warns us in Hebrews 3:12 of this.The Pharisees have watched Jesus now for sometime, listening to him teach and preach with authority. They have seen that what he is teaching is validated through his works.  His works have included unclean spirits leaving people and confessing that he is the Son of God. His works have also included a lame man being forgiven of his sin, and when they opposed this in their heart he asked them which is easier to forgive the man his sin or to tell him to take up his bed and walk. But so that you know that the Son of Man has authority to forgive sin he tell’s the man to pick up his bed and walk. Jesus would remind his disciples of Isaiah 6:9-10 where the people’s spiritual senses will become dull so that the Lord’s purpose is accomplished.  This hardening of Israel’s spiritual eyes is only a partial hardening as Paul describes so that the fullness of the Gentiles can come in. These Pharisees are responsible for their own unbelief. They heard the word of the Lord and rejected it.


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