You're Invited

There is nothing like being invited to go or be a part of something special.  It's just that being invited to someplace new can be a little nervous because we often times don't know what to expect.  Being invited to come to Church is the same way.  Sunday morning is a special time here at First Baptist because we enjoy a time of fellowship during on Sunday morning Bible study.  We still happen to call our Sunday morning Bible study-Sunday School.  What is great about this time of fellowship is that you don't have to know anything about the Bible to be a part of our Sunday School Class.  We just want you to bring yourself and we will provide the Sunday School Book to you that has everything in it you will need. We will have the coffee ready, just come and enjoy.  We start at 9:15.  

We also invite you to come and join us for Sunday worship in the Sanctuary.  We have to time of worship on Sunday.  Our Sunday morning worship starts at 10:30 am and the elevator to the sancturary is on the west side of the building close to the county tax office drive through.  Our Sunday evening worship service is at 6 pm in the Sanctuary. 

Your invited to try our Wednesday Bible Study in the fellowship hall at 12 noon.  This Bible study takes place during the day so that those who don't like to drive at night can drive during the day.  We also have the door of hope prayer meeting that meets afterwards in our prayer room. 

If you are a young person still in school between the 7th and 12th grade you are invited to our youth ministry right after Sunday morning worship in the fellowship hall.